Videochat With the Writers of "The Collector"

Do you recognize these bone heads? If so, you probably already know that they are the writer/director team who so graciously brought us "Saw III, IV, V", and the recently reviewed "The Collector."

Well, this Wednesday, you have an opportunity to ask them all of your deepest, darkest questions through a live videochat, as long as you have a Facebook or Twitter account.

To participate on Facebook:

1) On Wednesday, 8/5 at 1:00 PST, log into Facebook here:

2) Type in your questions to Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton on the chat box at the bottom of the screen

3) You will see everyone's questions and what everyone is saying in real time

4) Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton will be answering your questions in the video player


Tweet your questions to #TheCollector.

For more information visit: The official site.



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