Video: New Clip From "The Killer Inside Me"

"The Killer Inside Me" has apparently caused quite a shit storm over its intense brutality and all around good times overseas. Lucky for us Americans today we get to see a clip from the much anticipated Michael Winterbottom flick. A clip of three guys riding in a car talking about something completely out of context that confuses the hell out of me. But still it's got Casey Affleck in it and that guy's a dream boat.

The film is based on Jim Thompson's novel and takes place in western Texas in the 1950's. Casey Affleck plays a sheriff who's juggling a relationship with a girlfriend, played by Kate Hudson and a hooker played by Jessica Alba. Oh he also has sociopathic tendencies to boot.

What? Hooker? Alba? Texas? Movie? I'm in! IFC plans on releasing "The Killer Inside Me" this summer in theaters and VOD.


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