Video: It's Time to Get "Ugly" - Again!

On October 6th, the animated hit on Comedy Central is returning for another hilarious season of demons, vampires, zombies & other assorted freaks to poke fun immigration policies and paranoia.

If you’re familiar with the show from last season, you’ll recognize all the Department of Integration characters: Mark - the idealistic social worker; Randal - his roommate who turned himself into a zombie for the sole reason of impressing a girl, and Mark’s demon succubus boss & girlfriend, Callie (My fiance mentions she & I have have uncanny similarities. I’m sure he means my wit, otherwise I’ll tear his arms off.). The cast also includes Leonard Powers- an old, drunk & timid wizard; Twayne - a intimidating demonic bureaucrat (aren't they all? HAR HAR HAR!), and Lt Grimes, a law enforcement official who hates non humans.

This season promises to be more freaky than the first, and that’s saying something for a show that tackles the social issues of weaning vampire addicts off blood, socializing land whales, finding gainful employment for zombies and housebreaking werewolves. Make sure you check it out!

Ugly Americans Weds 10:30pm / 9:30c
New Episodes October 6
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And if you’re looking for more ways to waste time at work, make sure you check out Comedy Central’s Ugly American web site. It features all kinds of previews & highlights, as well as an interactive map of Manhattan with video clips from the series, and a twitter module that features tweets from the show’s cast, characters and creators. There’s also a downloadable Department of Integration handbook containing all sorts of important information for surviving life in the Big Apple.

Wait - there’s MORE!! Don’t worry - no one wants you to actually do anything productive! You can also play the “Ugly Americans” web game, where you can control Mark to help characters of the show do right or wrong...but come ON -Good is BOOOOOORING. Go Evil or go home. There’s also a Facebook Personality Quiz to find out which character you most likely would be.

So don’t forget - October 7th on Comedy Central. The new episodes will also be available for download in HD, on iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, & SD on Amazon. If you miss it. you’ll never know what it’s like to shoot tequila off a six breasted demon, and that’s just something everyone should experience at least ONCE in their life.

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