Video Game Movie Poster Mashups are a Nerd's Dream

Everyone these days knows how to use the Internet, but the nerds of the world REALLY know how to use it, especially when called upon to display their nerd cred and Photoshop skills. Living deep within the forums of the movie site Empire is a group of individuals dedicated to the art of the "shopped" poster mashup. The one that I found particularly interesting was the Video Game poster mashup, because the worlds lend themselves to each other so well, and I'm a fanboy for both.

The ball starts to roll with softballs like "Tetris at Tiffany's" and "King Pong," but as the thread get's deeper, the real gems start to come out. Genre entries include "Resident Evil Dead 4," "Halo-ween," and "The Texas Chainchomp Massacre," starring the chompy ball-on-a-chain from the Super Mario Games. I only made it about halfway through the 17 page (and counting) thread, so I'm sure I missed all sorts of goodness that someone with a little more time on their hands can pick up. I guarantee that you'll never say "I see what you did there" so many times to yourself as you will pawing through this massive archive. Entries are still coming, so if your skills are sharp, you can probably jump in on the action yourself!

Poster Mashups: Video Games


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