Video: "Death Star" Laser Kills Mosquitos!

Being a nerd myself I know there are a few things you can pretty much assume about any standard geek. We love anything to do with "Star Wars" and we love watching crap get blown up. For example the video below which I've now watched a total of 37 times. It's of a mosquito being shot down by a laser gun being called the "Death Star". Holy kick ass batman.

The device was showed off during the 2010 TED conference and was build entirely out of parts found on eBay. The idea is that this little guy could be set up in developing countries to keep the mosquito population down and cut back on cases of malaria. I can't wait to get one of these for my deck and blast the "Star Wars" soundtrack while it guns down hundreds of little living X-Wing starfighters.

Source: Wired


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