Upcoming Horror Hodge Podge

For the first time in a good long while there are a few horror films on the way that may actually get me to the theater. I have avoided horror on the big screen for sometime because of a hex I can't seem to break. No matter how I map it out I seem destined to get stuck behind the full grown man with a middle school kid's brain. The one who just can't handle his anxiety without broadcast, you know him...

"Oh shit, dog!"
"Dog, I wasn't scared, dog!"
"Oh shit!"

"Midnight Meat Train" looks like it's worth the risk. "Jennifer's Body" might be worth the time when it arrives, though I think maybe my interest is based more on my love of the Hole song of the same name.

But the one I am dying to check out is "Let the Right One in"("Låt den rätte komma in").
This thing looks to have atmosphere aplenty...here's hoping it's the anti-"Twilight".



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