Two New Horror Themed Videos!

First up, we have the new single from joke band Fortress of Attitude, which features a mash-up of all our favorite horror classics (both mainstream and underground) and some pretty clever editing to make them appear somewhat seamless. The song itself is good for a chuckle, and the video is a nice homage.

Secondly, we have a new video from those loveable scamps Hosoi Bros, who this time have combined the finer points of zombies, skateboarding, panda paint, drinking and heavy metal. It's a clever video for what it is and the song is pretty catchy, too.

Check them both out, just in time for Halloween!


Music Editor

D.M is the Music Editor for He tries to avoid bands with bodily functions in the name and generally has a keen grasp of what he thinks sounds good and what doesn't. He also really enjoys reading, at least in part, and perhaps not surprisingly, because it's quiet. He's on a mission to convince his wife they need a badger as a household pet. It's not going well.

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