#TweetwithBGH Wants to Know: Do the Krites Jump the Shark with Critters 3?

#TweetwithBGH was back this week with the third installment in the Critters franchise. After following Brad Brown from an adorable little scamp to a pimply teen with an ill-cast love interest Critters 3 decides to pull a hail Mary in the form of taking the monsters to a big city; think Jason Takes Manhattan, only considerably earlier in the franchise. After passing near Grover’s Bend on vacation, a Los Angeles family returns home, totally unaware of what they are about to unleash on their small apartment building. Much like in the Critters universe, things were all kinds of crazy for the #TweetwithBGH gang. We started late and were missing one of our own but, like the movies, we did add some new faces to our ranks.

The opening of the movie immediately promised that we were in for a real treat, whether the movie was good or not.

The Critters had rolled into the 90’s, and it showed in the characters’ clothes.

Distracted by the cast and the costuming, we almost forgot about why we were watching this movie. Almost, but not quite.

The Krites showed up and immediately did what they do best, kill all the most unlikeable characters in the movie. Like the sleazy building manager, Frank.

And the utterly unlikeable landlord, aka Leo’s step-father. Who was trying to force all his residents out without paying them to relocate and was also a racist.

And like any Critters movie, there were crazy sight gags.

Spencer particularly loved the Krites attacking the neighbors bunny slippers, allowing her to get away almost entirely unscathed. And got a great idea for a live, musical rendition.

Once we got into the third act, though, fatigue started to set in.

And the ending left us totally baffled.

Join us next week for the fourth and final entry in the Critters franchise. Evan will be back and we can all recover from the holiday together. How many of you had Critters 4 on your Christmas list? We will go live at 8:30pm EST, just follow #TweetwithBGH!



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