Mortal Kombat

#TweetWithBGH: Mortal Kombat Is a Lot Like a 2 Hour Sugar High

As cartoonish and plotless as the original games that inspired it, 1995’s Mortal Kombat is to most movies what convenience store snacks are to a real meal. But what could be nauseating in excess is fun enough in one go, and in that spirit #TweetWithBGH convened a panel of newbies and old hands to see if this mainstay of so many elementary and middle school memories is worth rewatching in 2016 (and not that we planned it this way, but it was a pretty appropriate lead-in to the X-Files premiere).

So, the boat is apparently a big deal.

In the midst of some questionable visual effects, we distracted ourselves by casting the remake this movie is just screaming for.

See you next week for Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! It’s on Netflix! Don’t act like you have anything better to do on a Sunday!



A loophole in his parents' "anti-scary movie, pro-literacy" policy meant that Spencer had read Stephen King's entire body of work by the time he was in middle school. He soon discovered the horror and B-movie offerings on late night cable TV and was hooked for life. He currently lives, works, and writes in North Carolina.

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