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#TweetWithBGH Goes Wild for Scream 4

This past Friday #TweetWithBGH wrapped up the Scream franchise with 2011’s Scream 4. Set 11 years after the events of the original trilogy, the film finds its surviving characters (Sidney, Gale, and Dewey) living lives of relative peace that are disrupted when two Woodsboro high-school students are killed by someone dressed as Ghostface. Sidney returns to Woodsboro after realizing her cousin Jill may be one of the next victims--and promptly becomes a suspect.

The Scream 4 recap was one of our liveliest yet. The movie opens with an excellent intro that calls back to the original while having fun with the series-within-a-series Stab. We practically tripped over each other trying to get all of our compliments on the record:

Turns out, the young women murdered in the opening were friends of Jill Kessler (Emma Roberts), the cousin of none other than Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) -- and on the 15th anniversary of Casey Becker’s murder, to boot. Sidney, Gale and Dewey all rush to investigate links to their previous encounters with Ghostface copycats. As with any Scream movie, the cast list is remarkable:

Here’s the lay of the land: Dewey’s having an emotional affair with Deputy Judy, Jill and her friends are potentially the next victims, and Sidney is a person of interest.

When local movie nerds Charlie and Robbie discover the killings match patterns typical to movie remakes, they instruct Gale that her best bet to catch Ghostface is to crash a Stab-themed party and screening held later that night.

Back at Jill’s house, Sidney and Jill survive a run-in with Ghostface...but Aunt Kate gets it.

And then Cinema Club founder Robbie is brutally murdered, despite his protestations that it doesn’t match the slasher conventions.

This is it: Sidney, Jill and Kirby are left to unmask and stop Ghostface…

With Kirby and Robbie dead, and Sidney and Gale in critical condition, it looks like Jill may actually get away with killing her way into stardom…until she blows her cover by revealing she knows more about Gale’s stab wounds than she should.

Final thoughts?

See you later this winter, friends! Check in with us about your suggestions for our next live tweet, and join us on the hashtag #TweetWithBGH !



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