Critters 4

#TweetWithBGH - "Critters 4" is the Cinematic Equivalent of a Gas Leak

If the Critters series deserves any credit this late in the game, it’s for trying (I guess) to build on its overarching story, movie by movie, no matter how convoluted it became. From a simple premise executed with a healthy dose of camp, the Critters films brought us by the final installment to a mostly incomprehensible stab at epic sci fi seriousness. I can’t even begin to summarize the plot here--basically, after the events of Critters 3 (when the dopey village idiot turned bounty hunter Charlie found unhatched krites eggs in a washing machine) we’re all catapulted into the year 2045, to something called “The Saturn Quadrant,” where the likes of Brad Dourif (!) and Angela Bassett (!!!) are leading a crew to...something...when instead they...uh, something something Critters.

Brad Dourif is horror royalty, no doubt, but the unquestionable highlight of this movie is Angela Bassett.

Except when the highlight is the promise of cheesy gore.

Let’s address the elephant in the room right now: this movie is basically impossible to understand or summarize. Granted, none of us were trying that hard, but...a movie like Critters 4 shouldn’t exactly demand your unflagging attention.

If we ever have a Bloody Good Horror page-a-day calendar full of horror wisdom and inspiration, here’s my submission:

Sophie continues to keep track of the ripoffs:

The last word? This was a pointless sequel that never justified its existence.

Believe it or not, no one ever made a sequel to Critters 4, but more #TweetWithBGH is coming your way in 2016! Stay tuned for the next series!



A loophole in his parents' "anti-scary movie, pro-literacy" policy meant that Spencer had read Stephen King's entire body of work by the time he was in middle school. He soon discovered the horror and B-movie offerings on late night cable TV and was hooked for life. He currently lives, works, and writes in North Carolina.

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