"Trick r Treat" - The Comic

Next week sees the DVD arrival of the long-anticipated Trick 'r Treat, a spooky little anthology film from director Mike Dougherty. To accompany the DVD release, DC Comics is publishing a graphic novel adaptation of the film.

The best part? It's pretty damn good!

The book follows the plot of the movie near exactly: while the segments are laid out a bit different from the film, the actual shorts are there in full glory. Each of the three stories is strong and gives a great spooky Halloween vibe. There is a good mix of humor here as well, without being over the top or campy. On the other end of the spectrum the atmosphere throughout trends toward the spooky, without relying so much on jump scares.

The comic's art does service to the story as well. Different artists contribute for each story, and match the atmospherics of the plot. I do have one nitpick; in the 'Little Red Riding Hood' arc, the pictures are a bit muddy, which makes it hard to discern what exactly is going in places. Other than that, this is spot on.

The book weighs in at 96 pages and will have a price tag of $19.99 and should be on your comic shop shelves now! For full details, check out Wildstorm Comics.


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