Trailers: "Redd Inc" is like "The Office" with more torture

"The Office" is probably my favorite show of all time, surpassing "Seinfeld" by virtue of feeling more modern and the fact that I recently discovered it's no longer cool to like "Seinfeld". Seriously, tell a 21 year old you love that show and watch his eyes gloss over. They don't get it, STUPID KIDS AND THEIR TAMAGACHIS...

Anyway, here's the trailer for "Redd Inc", a movie about a man wrongfully accused of murder, and the oddly elaborate way he exacts his revenge (it involves an office, is what I was trying to say earlier...)

Convicted 'Headhunter' serial killer and former corporate manager, Thomas Reddmann (Redd), is demented from various experimental procedures he endured at the unorthodox mental asylum from which he has now escaped. Redd maintains his innocence and is determined to prove it. He creates Redd Incorporated, a twisted version of the modern office environment, filling it with six abducted people he holds directly responsible for his incarceration. His captive 'human resources' are literally chained to their desks and forced to perform the impossible job of finding the real killer. They must work in gruelling circumstances to prove the unprovable or face gruesome consequences.

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