Trailer: Zombie Women of Satan

Oh man, did your Connoisseur of Crap find a gem here! I stumbled upon it by accident, while viewing Netflix latest Instant offerings, and the tag line should tell you what you're in for:

It Really Was the Wrong Time of the Month.

If you are easily offended by misogynistic exploitation, stay the hell away from this. Far, Far away. The Story revolves around a circus show that's a front for a cult & undead experimentation, complete with performers like Zeus, the midget strongman and Pervo the Clown... and a LOT of undead female zombies.

You're either going to hate this movie, or love it. Chances are, if your tastes are like mine (read: Immature and bad), you'll probably get a kick out of the toilet humor, zombies bleeding from the nipples & vajayjays, and a topless, wheelchair bound zombie running down her snacks.

That Ghoul Eva


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