Trailer: "Zombie Farm"

Let's be honest: We've all thought about killing our significant others. The only thing preventing us from doing so is the unpleasant thought of being caught, and the possibility of rape in the prison shower.

But what if we could CHANGE our annoying, slob-ish, needy spouses instead of killing them? We would do it, wouldn't we? Oh wait... my husband might be reading this so, um, OF COURSE NOT - I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, HONEY!

However, the woman in this story has a larger problem with her husband than him tracking dirt on the floor or leaving his underwear in the bathroom: He's abusive. But as in many domestic abuse situations, she still loves him, and when seeking help from a local voodoo priestess, she just can't bring herself to have him killed. But as we saw in Pet Semetary, sometimes, dead is better. Especially when the alternative is a potion that transforms your husband into a zombie, and he goes off and starts converting the town folk and leading a zombie uprising. That's really going to make things uncomfortable at the next block party.

That Ghoul Eva


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