Trailer: "Survivor Girl" - A Terrorscribe Mafia Film

Babes. Blood. All the things you’d expect from a slasher film – and maybe some things you aren’t.

“Survivor Girl” is the second short film from the TerrorScribe Mafia and this time, they’ve turned their eyes toward old school slasher films. Two prequel teasers (this being the first) are being released that focus on two girls who don’t survive. The movie itself seems standard slasher fare: A party in an isolated rural location turns deadly as a group of friends are hunted by a masked killer. Ok, ok so not so much masked as it is a bag over his head....similar to what I wear when I'm forced to ride in the ridiculous ancient, piece of crap pick up truck my husband refuses to get rid of. However, it's still creepy, & as with most TSM films, there's always an original twist. I can't wait to see what it is. Hell, even if there isn't, I'm totally fine with seeing skinny bitches get slaughtered.

Fetish model Courtney Crave stars as the titular heroine. The cast also includes Taylor Brandt (“The Code”) and Mark Walters as the Killer, and World-renowned Texas hellbilly band Ghoultown provides music for the soundtrack. The prequel teasers were shot on the sets of The Fatal End in the West End haunted attraction in downtown Dallas.

The TerrorScribe Mafia lurks in the Dallas Area, & consists of writer/director Joe Lopez, cinematographer Keith Bates, makeup effects artist Tammy Dupal and co-director/EvilWickedOverlordGirl Stacia Langenheder. You can become part of the Mafia & view their other films & offerings on their facebook page.

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