Trailer: "Prometheus" (The 2nd trailer)

You know me: I'm not a big fan of remakes, reboots, re-imaginings, unneeded sequels or prequels. I tend to be unfairly critical of them, as I feel they're taking a shortcut in the originality department. That, and a good hunk of them just really, really suck.

So, as par for the course, when I first heard about "Prometheus" (or as I called it "LOLALIENSPREQUEL), I poo-poo'ed it. Even after the first trailer, which to me, didn't show off much, I still ho-hummed about it. However, with the release of the second trailer, I felt an odd tingling sensation in my nether regions. I... I think... it's excitement?

It looks good (the movie, not my nether regions). REALLY good. It seems to have all the components that would make a Sci-fi fan happy. But again, I have to put on my skepticism hat: Is this going to be another expensive CGI-fest, with little to no substance beyond the pretty pictures? I dunno... it wouldn't be the first disappointment of that nature. For our sake, however, I hope it's amazing. I don't think we can take another steaming pile that banks off a franchise that someone else made famous.

That Ghoul Eva