Trailer: "Night of the Little Dead"

Hi Everybody!! Your Connoisseur of Crap is back from a short hiatus - the guys locked me in the garage until I promised to only report on quality news items. Luckily for you, they failed to define "Quality"!

But this one may please even them! Sure, it's an indie film with cheese, gore and ZOMBIE MIDGETS, but it stars Penn Gillette (from Penn & Teller) and Adam Savage (from "Mythbusters"), and is directed by Frank Ippolito and Ezekiel Zabrowski. I would say that's got all the makings of awesome, don't you?

Currently, these are being released as film shorts, but the plan is a full length feature in the future. So if the little things in life are getting you down, or things are coming up short in your expectations, or perhaps even you feel like problems are piled over your head, check out the trailer below! I'm so punny! You can also check out their facebook page.

Remember: It's the little things that get'cha!

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