Trailer: My Bloody Valentine 3D

It just wouldn't be Valentine's Day with a mass murder, now would it? I could say I choose this version, and not the Canadian original from 1981, because I thought it was one of the few decent remakes out there. Or I could say I choose it because because it's one of the few films that used its 3D for all it's worth, making everything from pickaxes to body parts come flying at you, or because director Patrick Lussier uses some great depth-of-field illusions, giving what I think is the best shot of an emptied chest cavity ever. Or I could say I choose it because it stars Jensen Ackles of 'Supernatural' fame as Tom, with his defined chest, great hair, sexy half smirk and tight ass.....mmmmmm Jensen Ackles.....I'm sorry, what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, the movie. I dunno, some miners and townsfolk get killed or something. Watch the trailer.

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