Trailer: "I Spit on Your Grave" Remake

Back when I was a young lad in Upstate NY my brother and I would go to the local video store every Friday night and randomly pick a few horror movies to watch. We saw some real doozies but one film the store owner flat out refused to rent to us "I Spit on Your Grave". Over twenty years later I finally saw the movie realized that woman did me a giant favor. I'd like to send her a card thanking her for keeping my young eyes from witnessing what Netflix calls "one of the longest and most violent gang-rape scenes on film".

So now it's time for the remake! And the first full length trailer has hit the net kids and it's ready for your viewing. From what I can tell this version holds pretty true to the 1978 original about a writer who rents a cabin in the woods only to be attacked by a group of local men. Don't worry though she gets her revenge... oh sweet lord does she get her revenge. We'll find out in September when the remake hits theaters just how true the remake stays.


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