Toxic Avenger Sneakers?

New Jersey has more diners then any other state, is second only to Maine in blueberry production and has the countries lowest depression rate. Oh and it's also the home to everyone’s favorite monster hero the Toxic Avenger. For that reason Nike has teamed up with NJ Skate Shop to create the SB Dunk Lows, the first shoe inspired by Troma's superhero.

The picture you see above is just a sample and the final product will probably have some changes but you get the idea. Honestly I don't really see how this works in with the movie but I have read that the shoe laces will be made to resemble mop strings so that's something. I don't think Troma actually has anything to do with the production so I assume there won't be any actual images of Toxie on the shoe or its packaging. No specific release date for the sneaker yet but word is they will be available sometime towards the end of the year and only in NJ.

If you want to make your own, Nike for a while now has had their NikeID program, where you can design your own shoes for a pretty small price, albeit with not a ton of options. I would venture to guess you could get something along these lines fairly easily however. Mop shoe laces not supplied.

NJ Skate shop... Toxic Avenger Preview


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