Toronto After Dark Lineup Part 3

A few weeks ago we got a look at the initial lineup of films screening at Toronto After Dark which ran the gamut from French Blaxploitation to eagerly awaited festival faves to the return of Coffin Friggin' Joe. That was only the first half of the schedule and nine more films have been added to the roster making Toronto a primo destination for genre fans the week of August 14-21.

Of the new movies added, the biggest 'get' is probably "Dead Snow," the Scandinavian Nazi-zombie horror-com that's had people intrigued since the first trailer popped up online a few months back. It's part of a a Sunday night zombie double feature where all zombies pay half price (seriously). Rounding out the bill is "Revenant," a zombie buddy comedy which brings us one step closer to the day when every major film genre will have its own zombie take-off. I'm looking forward to the zombie inspirational sports movie myself.


Zombies might get their own night but the Man is keeping the Blaxploitation movies down like a Harvard professor locked out of his house by screening "Black" and "Black Dynamite" on separate nights. We got a look at the "Black Dynamite" trailer back in January when it screened at Sundance but it's so baadassssss it's worth a second watch.

"Black Dynamite"

You take post-apocalyptic nuclear winter and mix in with mutants-who-technically-are-not-zombies-but-really-who-are-we-kidding and then throw in some invisible temperature-dropping alien beings and you've got a little something from Spain called "The Dark Hour" a.k.a. "La Hora Fria". I would make a joke about bad translations but I have to admit "The Cold Hour" would be a pretty crappy title.

"The Dark Hour"

For years we had to put up with breath-taking martial arts from Jet Li when all we really wanted was to see him tackle heavy drama. When he retired from Wu Shu a few years ago we finally got our wish and "Warlords" shows us that at heart Jet Li is an actor not a fighter. All kidding aside, he pulled some good reviews and "Warlords" promises epic battle scenes and political machinations minus the wire-fu.


Tune in tomorrow for part 4 of our Toronto After Dark preview where we meet Romanian vampires, evil children and a movie that's being described as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" meets "Sleepless in Seattle."

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