Top 9 Horror Fiction Podcasts

Horror fiction podcasts have been on the rise as of late, and now is as good a time as any to go through some of the best horror audio dramas out there today. These don't necessarily have to still be ongoing podcasts, as oftentimes audio dramas have finite ends, all that is required is that they are excellent representations of the horror genre via audio. Put in your headphones, turn off the lights, and prepared to get scared.

9. The Truth

The Truth is an anthology podcast that skirts through a wide variety of genres, focusing on creating “Movies for your ears” as per their motto. It is not strictly a horror podcast hence the placement on the list, however when the series does decide to go into horror it excels at it. One of the shortest podcasts on the list, most episodes of The Truth don't surpass twenty minutes, so they are easily digestible, and extremely creepy. For horror fans here are a few really superb episodes: “Don't Touch A Thing”, “Enjoy The Suffering”, and “In Good Hands parts 1 and 2”.

8. Knifepoint Horror

An anthology series mainly narrated from a first person perspective. The storytelling is extremely engaging, and has the listener constantly on the edge of their seats. The editing is nothing fancy, it is a very simple narration, that is done with such an exquisite skill that you are instantly drawn in. Stories usually don't go over a half hour, and they never drag on, always lasting exactly how long they need to. The series has supposedly come to an end early this year, but by creator Soren Narnia's own admission it may still draw him back to the audio booth.


7. Tanis

Tanis is a spin-off of sorts to The Black Tapes Podcast, carrying over the series engineer Nic, this time he takes a hosting role. The central story of this series is the search for the origins of a mysterious location “Tanis”, which has appeared sporadically throughout history. The series features an exploration into some real life creepiness IE The Deep Web, and combines it with some original mythology. The series is not something to be listened to passively however as each episode contains a lot of information, and is well worth revisiting in order to understand everything. Dark, and mysterious the series has thus far fully delivered on creating a compelling enigma for the audience to solve.

6. Pseudopod

A horror anthology podcast that tackles one story an episode. The stories range drastically in length, and style, each having a unique author, and narrator. What Pseudopod does that other similar series fail to do, is have an person doing hosting duties that not only introduces the story, but talks about its themes once the story has ended. The extra bit of care really shines through, and forces you to think about the stories long after the podcast has ended.


5. The Black Tapes Podcast

One of the more talked about series in the horror community, The Black Tapes Podcast is a truly spooky tale. The series deals with the realities of the paranormal, by having the host talk with a fictional scientist who specializes in debunking all things supernatural. The bulk of the series is about investigating his collection of “Black Tapes”, the stories he cannot explain. Eventually the series tackles a more overarching plot, and is a blast to listen to. Very well edited, and extremely well crafted the series will keep you up at night.


4. Alice Isn't Dead

So far there have only been 5 episodes of this series, and it is newest series on this list having only begun in March of this year but this is a series worth getting into on the ground floor. The show is told from the perspective of a female Truck Driver who is traveling the country in search of her lost wife (Alice). Along the way she talks about her past, and all of the insane things she encounters whilst on the road. The series captures the feel of a road trip really well, and the ambient noises accompanied with the performance make you feel like you're in the drivers seat. Made by Joseph Fink one of the creators of Welcome To Night Vale this series drops the more comedic elements of Night Vale, it focuses more upon the creepiness factor, and upon the psyche of its main character. A very scary series, that is off to an outstanding start.


3. LimeTown

A dark creepy look at the fictional town of LimeTown a research facility that had 300 people disappear overnight. The series takes place multiple years after the mysterious occurrence, and follows the exploits of a Journalist attempting to track down the truth of what occurred on that fateful night. So far the series only has one 6 episode season, but in that short time it has captivated the minds of all who listen. The story is told in a way that perfectly imitates the style of many popular non-fiction podcasts, which adds to the credibility, and creepiness of the series.

2. Welcome To NightVale

A darkly comedic tale that takes a similar approach to Twin Peaks, but filters all of its weirdness through a weekly radio program. Despite being done in a radio format the characters, and situations work extremely well, and it weaves together a very cohesive story. If you are interested in the series you have to start from the beginning as sometimes one off jokes from Episode 3 will be important in Episode 78. The audio format allows the series to be virtually unshackled from any limitations, allowing things to get reallly, reaaally weird. Created by Joseph Fink, and Jeffrey Cranor this series is easily the most popular show on this list, having been branched off into a novel, and constantly touring live shows around the world. It is just as good as all of your friends have claimed it to be.

1. We're Alive, A Story of Survival

This zombie tale is the absolute best in terms of horror audio drama, and has an outstanding long form zombie tale that far surpasses anything done with The Walking Dead. The characters are relatable, and react in believable ways. Unlike many zombie films or television shows the series is very focused upon the realities of sustainable living during the apocalypse. The series has a finite ending point, and the undead of the series are in flux, slowly evolving. Humans are a threat, but the series never downplays the danger of the undead. The plot is as it sounds a small group of characters band together in an attempt to survive. The characters initially introduced as the protagonists are all military personnel, leading to a very unique way of tackling survival. Created by Kc Wayland, this is one of the most emotional experiences to come out of audio entertainment.



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