Thomas Jane at Horror Hound Weekend!

I just happened to be perusing when I saw this huge announcement, that none other than Thomas Jane will be attending March's event in Indianapolis! Jane was the star in the first reboot of "The Punisher" franchise, as well as last year's hit "The Mist". He's renowned for being a huge comic fanboy, and friend to nerds the world over.

For those who listen to our podcast or follow us on Twitter, you probably already know that the whole Podcast crew, plus a few more of our writers will be out at the Horror Hound Weekend in March. We will have a table, some merchandise, and will be recording live from the convention floor.

If the thought of seeing our sexy faces hasn't gotten you to buy tickets yet, than surely the thought of Thomas Jane's beefy man-arm draping over your shoulder while your friend takes your picture is? Food for thought ;)

Since the last con in Detroit was canceled back in October, the guys over at Horror Hound Magazine have had extra time to put into preparing for this con, and making sure it's their biggest and most bad-ass yet. Early indication that I've gotten from them, is that this is going to be a runaway success. There are a massive amount of bloggers and horror podcasters planning on making the trip out, so the buzz for the event has already been building to near fever pitch.

So here's the info you need for Horror Hound Weekend:

When: March 27th - 29th
Where: The Indianapolis Mariott East
How Much: Here is ticket information. If you pre-order, weekend passes are only 30$! You can't beat that in this economy.

Oh, and don't forget to check out that guest-list folks. Highlights include Thomas Jane, Derek Mears, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Corey Haim, Doug Bradley, Tom Atkins, Howard Sherman, Tom Savini, Bill Mosely, CJ Graham and more! If you're not sure who any of those people are, click on that link for pictures.

Finally, here's Mark's fantastic recount of all the debauchery that went down with the BGH crew at the last Horror Hound we attended. Expect more shenanigans next time around.

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