There he goes, there goes Speed Racer

Speed hit the wall hard this weekend box office wise. Regardless, the daughter and I went and checked out Speed Racer today and I freaking loved it. It's a little slow in the middle, but the over the top antics makes up for it. The kid they got playing Spritle is hilarious. Emile Hirsch as Speed was great, Matthew Fox as Racer X, again great, Mom & Pops, both great. And Trixi. Vroom Vroom.

The racing is like..banana's, which is what you should expect; the racing in the cartoon was banana's too. There is a plot here, however it's thin. It's there though and doesn't bog it down. There's a least four different races here, a couple incarnations of the Mach 5, and they did an awesome job on the CGI cities, etc. to show the futuristic world Speed & gang exist in. Again, this is probably my favorite attempt at making a live action cartoon, simply because it still feels like a cartoon, which is great.

All that said, I can see where Average Joe's going to be turned off here. It takes a fan of the show, fan of sci fi, fan of the fantastical to get into this. The average person walking in off the street with two hours to kill (It's 2:15 long, doesn't feel like it though) is probably going to scoff at the crazy car antics.

For us nerds? You'll be clapping with nerd glee all the way.


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