Them Crooked Vultures announce tour dates

Normally, the announcing of official tour dates is small news that I would overlook, but not in this case. The dates in question are for a very short UK tour by the long rumored and finally official supergroup, Them Crooked Vultures.

They'll be playing six dates in eight nights in several cities in the United Kingdom, but that's hardly the most important part.

When I hear "supergroup," I am rarely excited. Usually, that just means a collection of out of work musicians who want to cash in, and end up fighting each other over some trivial thing like "who left the empty bottle at the top of the stairs for everyone to drunkenly trip on."

In this rare instance, I am super-schoolboy-giddy for Them Crooked Vultures to be presenting themselves as a viable band, since the three piece consists of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and John Paul Jones. Grohl and Homme have collaborated before, and Jones is the perfect idol/bass player for them to add in order to give the band some punch. His skill in arranging music is nearly unmatched.

I look forward to their album later in the year, and subsequent (hopefully) American tour. Below is a released clip of a song with some studio footage of the band.


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