The Unsung Icons of Horror

With all the Jason talk going on these days, it's had me thinking a lot about some of my other favorite horror icons. Freddy, Michael Myers and Leatherface are always lumped into these as well. Others like Pumkinhead and The Tall Man from "Phantasm" are big favorites of some of the readers I'm sure, but honestly there are too many to name. Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies would probably be the latest character to reach icon status in the horror genre but even that is probably debatable. What about all those lesser known icons out there? Maybe they only made it into one film and never really took off enough to warrant t-shirts and boxer shorts. Where is the love for them?

For me, the one that always comes to mind is the Goblin truck from Stephen King's "Maximum Overdrive". To me this movie has never gotten enough love. Over the past weekend I searched high and low for it and couldn't find a copy to save my life. Blockbuster has it on a "very long wait" and Netflix doesn't even have a copy. It's a real shame because I still think this is one of the best horror films to come out of the 80's. I was only 8 when it came out but it managed to not only frighten the crap out of me but I also wanted to be a giant killer truck. What other film can you say has ever accomplished such a thing? At the very least I told myself that when I grew up I was going to be a truck driver and have a giant goblin head on the front of my truck. Unfortunately this dream never came true.

But in any case, I thought it would be fun to open up the discussion to what everyone's favorite horror movie icon or character that you don't think gets enough love. Let's hear it people!


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