"The Signal"...Is this thing on?

I feel like I was misled...I have read many reviews of "The Signal" and very few have gushed over this thing. Sorry, I maybe showing my ass here, but this movie is fantastic. Maybe it's that we've all been binging in this zombie/contagion/mass hysteria phase of horror, and thus tend to toss things early if they aren't taking us where we expect to go, but Fuck! When it works it works, and this thing works in spades.
Yes it's derivative in places, even stylistically at times, but this is high craft and a solid bit of writing on a low,low budget. The triumverate of directors here aren't Soderburgh/Wes Anderson/Danny Boyle but there are places where they come damn close to delivering a movie the merges all those styles.
As for why this hasn't made it into the hearts and minds and onto the tongues of the horror public... maybe it's the aforementioned over indulegence on ambulatory maniacs or perhaps it's the personal nature of what is set up as a pandemic film. Fuck, I don't know, but watch this movie. If you've seen it and didn't like it, watch it again. While your at it , rent Billy O'Brien's "Isolation" and see if you can tell me why that motherfucker isn't being trumpeted either?



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