"The Purge: Election Year" Trailer is All Sorts of Political

Now that Jon Stewart has been thrown into the tar pits, I have no idea what the hell is going on in politics, but word around campus is that there's an election happening sometime this year. Not a franchise to miss out on a ham fisted stab at relevance, The Purge franchise is back with a very on-the-nose film titled The Purge: Election Year. Get it?

For those of you not familiar with the first two Purge movies, they take place in the not too distant future, where once a year murder and ever other crime imaginable becomes legal for 24 hours. Mostly, this means that rich people hunt people who don't know what a Fabergé egg is. In this installment, however, we follow a do-gooder big-time Washington type who is on a mission to get the Purge done away with, which doesn't go over super well with her influential counterparts:

The Purge: Election Year hits theaters on July 4th of this year, because of course it does.


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