The OMG AR15 Unicorn Zombie Gun, yup...

If I may be serious, for a moment. As your Connoisseur of Crap, I happily bring you the best of the worst from across the internet. However, here at BGH, it's not all about fun and games - we're preparing ourselves and our readers for the inevitable zombie Apocalypse, and we take our role as teachers very seriously.

Part of survival training involves knowing how to use and create weaponry that increase your chances of survival during the breakdown of human civilization, a lesson that was not lost on the folks at Guns & Gardens. They wanted to take an ordinary (and quite abundant) AR-15 and turn it into a fearsome weapon of mass proportions. They added a chainsaw. And a paint job to make this weapon the desire of 6 year olds everywhere.

The result was the OMG-AR15 Unicorn gun, featuring a CA-legal Smith & Wesson M&P15, chambered in .223/5.56, Tri-color dot scope, 6-position stock & 18v Rechargeable & removable chain saw with fast-swap bayonet mount. Behold - the bane of zombie and evil humans alike, and can be done to any ordinary AR15 for less than $100 in current monetary units.

First, we decided to keep the budget low, so we used the OMG AR15 as the base rifle. Second, we wanted to design an attachment that was easy to make with limited tools. And third, we wanted the ability to remove the chain saw and use it without the rifle. And lastly, it has to appeal to little girls.

We decided against modifying the saw too much, so instead of cutting it up and re-distributing the battery and power switch all over the rifle, we simply flipped the saw over and reversed the direction of the motor and chain - so the saw is upside-down, but it operates as if it was positioned normally. We also removed the saw's safety switch because it was creating a critical delay in response time.

Watch this bad boy in action. Then build one yourself and prepare for the day when its devastating power will be needed, and you'll be reborn a hero.

That Ghoul Eva