The Netflix Instant Watch Tracker

With the advent of Netflix and their 'Instant Watch' setup, their streaming video has set the internets on fire! Combine this fact with the recent capabilities to stream your Netflix Instant Watch queue to your Xbox 360 or the Roku Roku Digital Video box, the service is in even more demand.

While the entire catalog isn't available quite yet for the streaming service, there is a pretty large chunk of stuff still available. Among those are a large number of older, classic, and b-grade indie horror. This makes a great way to pass the time at work, at home during a snow storm, or anything else! While the selection is limited, they're still adding more crap everyday.

Enter Netflix Instant Watch Tracker by The Nowhere Man. Just as the name implies, Mr. Nowhere Man has created a web based database to keep track of what titles are available for instant watch, as well as what titles are new on a day to day basis! If you're as addicted as me to the Netflix streaming service on the Xbox, this is the perfect companion. Plus, he allows you to add the titles to your queue from a simple button click in the database.

Pretty slick.

If you've been on the fence about signing up for Netflix not knowing what is available for the streaming service, now you can find out!

As well, if this helps to push you over the edge, remember to sign up for Netflix , remember to sign up through our affiliate site and help a brother (well, 5 or 6 brothers and our sister too!) out!


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