The Monster Channel rings in Friday the 13th with shot on VHS horror

I wrote a profile on "The Monster Channel" for Issue 32 of Horror Hound Magazine. Long story short, they're eschewing the cable model by combining the interactivity of the internet with public domain and indie horror films for what they hope is a totally new viewing experience (and if they're lucky, business model). What I saw at the time was a little janky but you could tell there's a lot of heart behind it. Well, here's your chance to see if they're doing it right, because today's Friday the 13th and they're celebrating it in style.

Fourth Castle Micromedia’s The Monster Channel, the only 24/7 interactive channel for horror fans, will launch "LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATER", spotlighting 1980s shot-on-video VHS horror, Friday night January 13 at midnight EST.

Hosted by JOSH SCHAFER, the editor in chief of LUNCHMEAT MAGAZINE, the fanzine for VHS aficionados, the series will feature selections from Camp Motion Pictures: "Video Violence" (1987), "Video Violence 2" (1987), "Cannibal Campout" (1988), "Woodchipper Massacre" (1988), "Splatter Farm" (1987), "Beauty Queen Butcher" (1990) and "Ghoul School" (1990).

Viewers can interact with hundreds of fellow fans in the embedded chatroom during the film, a feature unique to The Monster Channel.

LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATER premieres this Friday night, January 13th at 12 midnight (EST), only on The films, including the entire Camp, Pop Cinema and Alternative Cinema catalog, can be downloaded or purchased at

I love this idea, even if there's no way I'll be tuning in. I haven't voluntarily seen midnight since I was a teenager, and even then I did it begrudgingly. I'll be sure to stop back and see what you guys thought while eating my bran flakes and prune juice 7am on Saturday. Happy Friday the 13th.

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