The Methods of My Madness

It's been a dry run here lately for me and blog posts, so I figured why not jump in with both feet!

Last week I received an email through my other site Cinema, "How do you manage to watch all of these movies?"

A pretty basic question, but valid all the same! I have a high tolerance for crap that gets tested on a near daily basis! With 176 movies under my belt for just this year, there's little rest for the wicked! Generally I can manage to put in at least one movie a day, sometimes two or three. There are times though that even us hardened soldiers of crap wind up taking a break for a few days before diving back in to the septic tank.

Helping me along the way is an enjoyable 'home theater' (read: comfy ass couch and big screen TV), a stack of screeners, and beer! So I figure what the hell and share a glimpse inside with you folks just so you can compare your own notes on the 'horror nerd' scale!

First up is the view from the throne. Perched before you is a 55" Widescreen TV with 1080p. Everything's better when it's bigger, right? Right! Now don't go off all excited thinking I've struck it rich as a blogger; that's far far FAR from the truth! No, I just have a circle of friends with better credit than me that have a need to be on the bleeding edge of technology at all times! So when things like LCD, Plasma and 1080I come knocking? That means I get bargains on the used goods that were top of the line like....yesterday! My wife and my bank account are grateful to my friends.

To the right you'll see the book shelf of random collectibles and DVD's. The horizontal stack near the bottom is the stack of screeners being worked through. To the right of that is a PC that's connected to the TV. Perched before me is the glorious remote of all remotes, a.k.a. my wireless keyboard, and the laptop that keeps me entertained when movies go south. Eric once asked me if I was always on line. Sadly, I'm usually not far from it.

Next in line is 'where the magic happens'. Which is sadly true because I've been married going on eleven years! This is where the BGH podcast and Midnight Muenster podcasts are recorded every week as well as the furious tappa tappa tappa of the keyboard once I finally get over being lazy on any given day! You will also notice the various caffeine deliverance vessels that are the common trappings of a writer and a writer that only sleeps about five hours a night on average! Also, the requisite manuscript being edited and the requisite manuscript getting ready to head out the door.

Finally on our tour of nerdery is my ever trusty and ever faithful notebook. With as many movies I watch, it's seldom that I can get to the computer as soon as it's over. It's also seldom that I WANT to get to the computer as soon as it's over. Being of advanced age in comparison to the rest of the guys here, my memory's faulty at best so I have to turn to notes. This notebook has been with me since about December of last year and it's seen better days. But, it's a rugged little guy and has yet to let me down. There's some lists of notes in that book that often holds more content than the movie the entry is for!

So there you go folks, a peak inside the mind of a horror nerd/blogger/writer/holy crap I need to stop taking on projects. I myself am always entertained to see how other people do there nerdery and hobbies, so hopefully this will entertain you a bit too.

Have your own impressive book shelf full of DVD's and swag, or an AV setup you love possibly more than your spouse? Post em up!


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