The Makers of "Alone" Need Your Help

If it wasn't for the cost I would have made the most amazing horror film by now, probably a sequel too. There would be giant monsters, porn stars, tons of blood and porn stars. It would be amazing. People would line up around the block to see my movie and when the MPAA tries to shut it down people would riot and the apocalypse would come. It would be awesome. Luckily for the world I'm too lazy to raise the funds.

Rory Abel on the other hand isn't so lazy. He's producing and directing a film called "Alone" and he needs your help. Hop on over to the film's website and see how you can help out. Every dollar you donate will go to ensuring the world is a better place. Won't you help the children? Please?!

Alone - Donation Pitch from Rory Abel on Vimeo.


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