"The Happy Haunting of America"

"Halloween... The Happy Haunting of America" is a documentary that originally came out in 1999, chronicling some of the best establishments in the world of haunted houses and attractions. The doc is hosted by prolific actor Dan Roebuck (check out his filmography), who is a huge horror fan and someone that we had the pleasure of meeting at the recent Horror Hound Weekend.

Dan was there just to promote the DVD, and was nice enough to sign photos of himself for free all weekend. We had tried to get an interview with him, but the droves of people waiting to meet and take pictures with him made that pretty impossible. We hope to be speaking with him soon about this anniversary. In the meantime, check the trailer and as long as your speakers are turned off (majorly loud music at the link) check out the official site.

10th Anniversary Collector's Edition! Now on DVD for the first time! Includes bonus footage and over 10 new haunted attractions! Interviews with horror celebrities including Robert Englund, Alice Cooper, Tom Savini, Angus Scrimm, Doug Bradley and many many more. A MUST-SEE for all Halloween fans! Check out www.DVDHalloween.com for more information!

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