"The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" Now Streaming On Netflix

When I was just a young lad the Garbage Pail Kids were just about the greatest thing ever invented. For those of you too young, old or homely to remember them, the Garbage Pail Kids were nothing more than trading cards with childish gross out images made to look like Cabbage Patch Kids. I’m not going to go over what those were, I don't have time to explain the entire decade to you.

So when I found out there was a movie being made based on the cards it was just about the most exciting thing my little 9 year old ears had ever heard. But then I saw the film... I saw it on VHS because it was in the theaters a total of 3 days I think before people realized it was so bad it had no right showing on a large screen. Not "bad" in the way I wanted it to be but "bad" in the way you wonder how something like this could be made. Even as a young wide eyed toddler I knew the quality of this film was crap.

And now thanks to the fine people at Netflix you can experience the horror and disappointment I did because "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" is streaming for your viewing please. For some of you it might be a walk down memory lane, for others it might be a wakeup call that the 80’s really weren't as awesome as those late night infomercials would have you believe. In any case you're in for a real treat... a crappy, low budget, disappointing treat.

"Garbage Pail Kids The Movie" at Netflix


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