The Creepshow - Run for Your Life

I've been a closet punk for many years. As of late I've found myself drawn towards the 'psychobilly' or 'hellbilly' sound. I mention both but near as I can tell, they're the same thing. Regardless, with revved up rockabilly rhythm mixed in with token horror movie references, I dig it. As a long time bass player, what's not to love about the use of a coffin shaped upright bass?

Digging through YouTube for new tunes last night, I came across this Ontario band, The Creepshow and well...I think I fell in love. The tunes are great, the pompadour's are impressive and most importantly, there's a great tongue in cheek take at horror in general. That is to say, lots of skulls, songs about zombies, and stuff like that!

Their latest album "Run For Your Life" came out this past September and they've been gaining some momentum as they continue to tour throughout Europe and getting ready for some summer runs.

Lock your doors, turn out the lights and say your prayers cuz the Creepshow is back with a fiendishly fresh new joint that'll leave you breathless and begging for more. Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut (Sell Your Soul), Run For Your Life delivers 11 blood-drenched, country-tinged punk rock shockers straight from the unholy underworld. From sweet, mournful ballads to horrorbilly boot stompers to raging punk fueled anthems, this record has it all.

For a taste, here's the video for their single off their latest album, "The Garden". Hope you enjoy!

One more note: From what I can tell, the brunette singing lead on this track is not a regular member of the band, but I can't find any info on who she is? Anybody know? Comment it up!

Update! After talking to Mike at their label, turns out "The Garden" is not the latest single! (Also, the brunette is former lead singer 'Jen') So, here's the latest single here featuring 'Sarah Sin' guitarast and vocalist on 'Take My Hand":


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