The Countdown to Valentine's Day, T-minus 8 days: Zombie Head Chocolate!

If there's one thing we here at BGH know, it's how to woo the opposite sex. We're lovers, not fighters. We're also helpers, and we're to help YOU get past this stupid Hallmark Holiday without pissing off your mate. Each day until Valentine's Day, we'll bring you an offering that he or she should LOVE, and keep you off the couch. And if they hate it - dump them, they're not your type.

Now everyone loves chocolate. Even the ones where you have to cheat, and poke a hole in the bottom to see if it's the one you like, and then put it back if you don't. But this is even BETTER because you'll like them all! See, ThinkGeek decided zombies shouldn't get all the fun, so they created these delicious chocolate zombie heads filled with cherry liquor brains! MMmmmmmm, see how the gore explodes when you bite into them? What girl wouldn't want these? I'm a girl, I love them - TRUST ME on this! You can't go wrong!

That Ghoul Eva