The Countdown to Valentine's Day, T-minus 7 days: My Zombie Valentine

Hello internet people! Your Doctors of Love are back with another slam-dunk to nookie this Valentine's Day, especially for the little lady book worm in your life. Imagine it now: Both of you, wrapped up in a Snuggie by the fire, sharing some champagne and zombie love stories. The mood just sets itself, doesn't it?

'My Zombie Valentine' is a quick and easy read (author note: Trust us - we here at BGH KNOW quick and easy!) and contains four lighthearted paranormal romances. No smut - that's for later in the countdown - just 4 quirky tales with lady heroines that have to choose between running to, or running from, their loves.

By giving your little lovely fiend this gem, you acknowledge both her intellectual side, and her romantic side. And if that's not going to get you some loving, I don't know what will.

You can order My Zombie Valentine from Amazon, or find it at your local Target Stores.

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