The Class of Reanimator High

The following image was released to Fangoria couple of days ago. I haven't posted about it because when I saw it blood shot out of my nose and I passed out for about 48 hours. Now that I've awoken and gathered my thoughts, I decided to put them down the best way I know how, with childish notations in Photoshop.

This is a publicity still for the new "Reanimator" inspired television pilot currently being shopped around Hollywood, titled "Herbert West: Reanimator". Here's the synopsis:

The campus is finally reopening after 10 years of closure. It seems years ago, a student suddenly possessed with an uncontrollable rage broke out into a violent murder spree that left half the campus up in flames. Officials never found out just what filled the young man with the desire to kill so many.

Herbert West, a dark and mysterious young man, arrives on campus, instantly shining as a brilliant young student and the object of many of his female schoolmates’ desires.

We soon learn that along with his medical school, Herbert also has a secret passion that he relentlessly is pursuing. Late at night when everyone else is gone, Herbert conducts groundbreaking experiments…to learn the secret of life itself…to unlock the code that will allow him to reanimate the dead.

Ooookay then. As if I wasn't excited enough, they go on to describe the style of the show:

What BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER was for Gothic storytelling, HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR will be for sci-fi and horror.

I've never even been a die-hard "Reanimator" fan and all this makes me want to punch myself in the crotch. I'd love to know what you guys think. In the same story, it's mentioned that Brian Yuzna is planning a remake of the original film. We reported on that the other day. Now, after really letting this whole "tv series" story sink in, I'm convinced it's all an elaborate ruse to take the sting of a remake away. You know what? It worked.


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