The Chicago Fear Fest is Coming this weekend!

I still say Chicago is one of the best cities in which to be a horror fan, proven once again by one of the best horror film fests being held right here in the Windy City on this weekend.

The Chicago Fear Fest is a celebration of the art of indie horror film, supporting independent filmmakers from around the world, & showcasing the very best in cutting edge independent horror films. The Chicago Fear Fest will feature both short & feature length films, as well as being the Midwest Premier of such films as 'REC 3', 'Hatchet 2', 'Juan of the Dead' & 'Dead Weight, and the WORLD PREMIER of such films as 'Fear the Soul' & Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies'. Of course, these are just a few of the movies being shown; there's also panel discussions, Q & A's, and celebrity guests including Adam Green & Joe Lynch, who will be there to show off their hilarious new Fearnet series, 'Holliston'. There will also be a screening of my personal favorite home brewed movie, 'The Moleman of Belmont avenue'.

The Chicago Fear Fest is being held at the plush Muvico Theaters in Rosemont,IL (roughly 20 minutes outside Chicago), & opens its doors at 3:30pm central on Friday 13th, and again at 12:00pm on Saturday the 14th. The After party (hosted by Fearnet) occurs on Saturday, & will be held at the Bograt's Bar & Grill inside the theater. At that time, the Awards will be handed out, great food & music will be available, the Zombie Army will be doing zombie makeovers for guests AND......we'll be having my Zombie Themed Wedding! I wonder if Adam Green will give me away......?

Limited tickets are still available at the door. Head over to the Chicago Fear Fest site site see all the amazing films & activities being offered. And if you see Mark & myself there, we'll even let you buy us a beer!

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