"The Canyon" Gets Limited Release

During the Halloween season, the onslaught of horror films are as inevitable as Tony Romo throwing an interception, especially with the recent success of "Paranormal Activity." Usually, more horror makes me happy, but it just doesn't seem fitting that a film set at the Grand Canyon during the summer would be the perfect film for the oncoming winter. Even if it does have ridiculous looking CGI wolves, it has some pretty fancy actors and a great setting for a horror story.

Nick and Lori are newlyweds. Nick has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon and Lori, wanting to please, goes along with it, but when they get to the canyon, they run into some trouble. They have to have a permit before they can begin their trip and so they enlist a strange man they meet at the bar, but even then, things only get worse once they reach the bottom of the canyon.

Limited screenings are being shown on the 23rd and 30th at these times and places:

10/23- Denver, CO - Chez Artiste
10/23- West Hollywood, CA - Laemmle Sunset 5
10/30- Cambridge, MA - Kendall
10/30- Dallas, TX - Inwood
10/30- Minneapolis, MN - Lagoon
10/30- San Francisco, CA - Opera



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