The Bloody Good Horror Podcast Episode 300 - Get your questions in now!

It's only taken us seven years, but your favorite horror podcast, (I'm just making assumptions here) is getting ready for its 300th episode! We've got a special episode in the works for you all and to quote the great Jim Ross, it's going to be a "Slobberknocker"!

This 300th episode isn't just about us though, it's about you listeners too! After all, we wouldn't be recording our 300th episode without you awesome fans keeping us going week after week. We'd like you to participate! We're putting out the early call for questions, and we're going to open it wide. There's going to be extra guests from throughout the BGH Timeline, so make sure they're good ones!

To get your question in, you can hit us up in a variety of ways:

Email: Make sure you list '300' in the subject line to help Eric sort things out.

Twitter: Tweet us at BGHorror and use the hashtag #askbgh300

Facebook: You can always reach us on Facebook at our official Facebook page as well!


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Falling in love with the sounds of his own voice, Casey can be found co-hosting the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, the spinoff Instomatic Podcast as well as the 1951 Down Place Podcast dedicated to Hammer Horror. Casey loves horror films of every budget and lives by his battle cry of 'I watch crap, so you don't have to.'