The art of Peat Wollaeger

It's official, I quit the internet. This video could only be more perfect for me if he was drinking Brooklyn Local One and playing GTA IV while he was doing these awesome stencils.

Of all the stuff that Peat Wollaeger has done, the Lucha Collabo Mask project has been near and dear to my heart, for obvious reasons. Basically, Peat sent out wooden mask templates to all of his friends in the art world, had them paint them any way that they want, send them back, and then he stenciled the same facial details (eyes, mouth, etc.) on every one. Right now, I have all 30-40 of them rotating as my wallpaper on my iMac so as to not get sick of any one design. The only thing keeping me from purchasing one of the final pieces is my inability to resigning myself to spending $70-$100 for something that essentially will just hang on my wall. Still, I'm thinking about it.

Most people would probably recognize his style from the new fancy mountain dew bottles. His contribution was the old-pappy looking one. If you ask me, those metal mountain dew bottles were a poor idea, but I can't be mad at seeing more of his stuff out there!


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