The Almost's Favorite Monsters

Fresh from the release of their latest album "Monster Monster," Dusty Redmon from the Almost took a minute to talk about his ten favorite monsters, movie or otherwise. Absolute bonus points for bringing up an iconic moment in "Monster Squad." Take it away, Dusty!

10. The Cookie Monster

He may seem harmless, but if your first name is "Chip's" and your last name "Ahoy," you better be worried.

9. The Abominable Snow Monster

The Humble Bumble from "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer": Fierce? Yes. Furry? Check. Huge? Oh yeah. Live in the white abyss? Mmmhmm. Perfect toy monster that totally scared me as a kid.

8. The Chupacabra

This dude leaves straight-up dead animals behind. Those red glowing eyes would haunt my dreams forever if I ever saw it (and lived).

7. The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Michael Phelps better watch the eff out. Homeboy wouldn't stand a chance.

6. Pinhead

Screw this guy. Talk about being scary. Acupuncture gone awry times a million! We spent Halloween on tour in Disneyworld this year, and there was an eight year old kid dressed up as Pinhead. I didn't even make eye contact.

5. Bigfoot

This fella gets way more press than my band ever will. He's a celebrity. If he'd quit being lame, come out of the northwest, and star in the remake of "Harry and the Hendersons," maybe this world would start to become a better place.

4. Dememtors

From the Harry Potter series. Holy crap. They're supposedly the meanest, most wretched beings ever, and they're scary as all hell. If you see one flying towards you, my suggestion would be to pray for an aneurism before it gets to ya.

3. The Wolfman

Generic, I know...but what a classic! He's got it all: cool torn up Nirvana-era fashion, a hairy chest, great teeth, a mean growl, and thanks to "Monster Squad," we know he's got nards.

2. Freddy Krueger

Pinhead may've scared me more, but at least I felt safe in my dreams with him. Freddy however, takes it to the next level by bringing you down to the boiler room and wrecking your life. I'm so unbelievably stoked about the new remake coming out.

1. Pennywise the Clown

I don't think anything scared me more as kid than Pennywise. I remember watching the movie and being horrified...I'm not sure if it the clown is scary, or if maybe Tim Curry just makes me want to pee my pants in fear. Is it too late to change my answer?

Thanks again to the cast of figurative thousands who made this list and the ones to follow possible, and as always, all this is exclusive to BGH. Who loves ya?


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