Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.04

Allison from Palmdale

This show makes it increasingly harder to call myself a fan.

In the fourth episode of this season, the writers decided that we need to see some more of the softer side of Sarah Connor and more of the damage done to Cameron from last season's finale. Cameron and John head out to the grocery store, Sarah takes the pregnant landlord to the hospital.

I kid you not.

On the good side of things, the Cameron story angle this week was at least interesting. It would appear that she was damaged more than anybody thought and we're looking at another possible 'KILL JOHN CONNOR' order reset. It would appear that the memories of the human that Cameron was designed after, 'Allison from Palmdale', have begun to resurface. Flash backs to another person's life plague Cameron throughout the show causing her to forget that she's in fact a killer robot from the future. It was interesting in that we see some of the methods that the bots use in the future to create their infiltrator androids. They also drop hints towards Cameron's original alter ego having something to do with John; we just don't know what yet. We've already visited the re-programming plot tweest once this season, I hate to see it again. At least they brought some interesting plot points to the table.

On the bad side of things, why oh why do we need to watch a full hour of Sarah sitting at the hospital with a pregnant lady! Sure, they're trying to showcase a softer side to the character and her struggles with trying to raise a son who is going to become the resistance leader that saves man kind. You know what? Freaking get over it. That's pretty much all you've shown us this season! What happened to the crazy ass kicking Linda Hamilton version of Sarah? This one's as emo as her kid.

There isn't much of John here either. Just him running around trying to find Cameron. Really, this whole episode just felt off completely from what they built up over the last season. They bring back Catherine Weaver for some screen time, but by god they still haven't bothered to do much of anything exciting with her yet. All she does is talk a lot and drop cryptic hints. Somebody wake me up when she finally kills somebody or does something evil.

I swear, this show is starting to border on the "O.C." for the SciFi set.


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