Stare into the dark soul of the tempura shrimp, IF YOU DARE.

Part two of our Shadowgate Let's Play is upon us! We're chipping away at the depths of the castle, come join us!

Released on August 21st this year, Shadowgate is a modern day remake of a 1989 NES Classic! Developed by Zojoi, this remake is packed full of new art and a whole new story with a whole heck of a lot of nods to the original classic!

Will this nostalgia for our childhood's never end? I'm guessing no, since that would require actually growing up. Still, as the constant referencing to old forms of media continues, one has to grow weary of it after a while. If there's one thing that I will always be a sucker for though, it's pretty much anything having to do with that old 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System.