Tanya Tate Made a Video For Us!

The internet is a strange and frightening place my friends. With countless sites out there about every topic it's hard to know when your site has officially "made it". Well good people of the internet I can now say without a shred of doubt that Bloody Good Horror has in fact "made it".

How do I know? because a porn star made a video for us explaining what the unit of measurement known as "a stone" means. Tanya Tate, who you may know from "Seduced by a Cougar 12" and "I Came in Your Mom 3" was kind enough to put together the short video you see below and even gives our site and podcast a shout out. Yes my office's IT department is now confiscating my laptop, but I think it was worth it. Don't worry though, the video is safe for work.

Some back story for you. A few weeks back the fine lass gave us a nice shout out on Twitter. We of course giggled like little school girls when we saw this and fired back a thank you. Thus a tawdry love affair was born. We discussed her on last weeks podcast, she listened in and now we've got the video you see below. What's next in this budding tweetmance? My best guess is our wives will pick up on the fact that we're sending messages back and forth with a porn star and put an end to all the fun. But until then we thank you Tanya and all you've done for us and mankind.


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