"Super Amigos" are Real Life Heroes

It was almost 3 years ago that I decided to plunk down $20 on a copy of Loudres Grobet's Lucha Libre: The Masked Stars of Mexican Wrestling on Amazon to continue exploring my love of Lucha culture. Although there was an overabundance of info about Santo, Blue Demon, and the more well known stars in lucha history, I found myself equally, if not more fascinated by the "character" of Super Barrio, who not only wrestles, but uses his character as a figurehead to enact social change. I was also surpised to find him featured in a minor role in Nattie Wild's 1998 documentary, "A Place Called Chiapas" about the zapatista movement in Mexico.

Fast forward 2 years, and Super Barrio finds his way into yet another documentary role, this time in "Super Amigos," a documentary featuring Super Barrio, Ecologista Universal, Super Gay, Super Animal, and Fray Tormenta, the wrestling priest whom "Nacho Libre" is loosely based on. The real shame in all of this is that despite a smattering of showings between 2006 and now, there's no real information about screenings or DVD sales, and more importantly, where I can go see the film. For now, all a boy can do is watch this trailer and dream.


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