Summon a cuddlesome cowlike Cthulhu in "Super Scribblenauts"

Depending on your particular leaning as a genre fan, you'll likely find this to be either amazing or completely sacreligious, but the developers of "Super Scribblenauts" have decided to show off their latest innovative mechanic using Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft's signature monstrosity.

"Super Scribblenauts" is the sequel to last year's "Scribblenauts," an innovative DS title that involved solving puzzles and completing levels by literally spelling out the objects that you wanted to use to attain victory. With over 10,000 objects added in the first game, the obviously nerdy developers were able to sneak in some of Lovecraft's creations, as well as various Universal monsters and mythological beings. This year, the game is introducing adjectives that modify the nouns, affecting both the behavior and appearance of the object. To demonstrate this, the creative director of "Super Scribblenauts" has decided turn one of the genre's most feared beings into a docile, milk-producing cuddle partner.

It remains to be seen whether the mechanical changes will make "Super Scribblenauts" stand out as more of a legitimate game, as opposed to a fun toy like it's predecessor.


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